Full Moon on Spring Mountain ~ 2004 Vineyard 7&8 Cabernet by Luc Morlet! *SOLD OUT*

(this is a very small (and lucky) allocation from one of my favourite winemakers. Right place, right time sort of deal. Luc Morlet’s wines generally need some time in the cellar, but this one has it – 14 years! And insanely well priced. I’ve never seen Vineyard 7&8 for less that US$95, regardless of vintage and definitely not for 2004).

Good morning from the beautiful Napa Valley!

I’m happy to report that our first day of tastings couldn’t have ended better ~ perched high atop Spring Mountain, celebrating an amazing harvest of with our friend Wes Stephens. Wes is the Estate Manager and Associate Winemaker at his family’s Vineyard 7&8 winery.

Wes decided to pair the evening’s full moon with an incredible bottle of his 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon ~ these wines were made by legendary winemaker Luc Morlet! (Morlet, known for his non-interventionist style, was also the original winemaker for Peter Michael). The wine was sleek and dense, a classic expression of Napa Cabernet. The evolution in the glass over the evening revealed a beguiling complexity. Each sip was better than the last.

The full moon might help explain how we talked Wes into letting us have a few cases of this very same wine for our friends in Hong Kong ~ not a small ask considering this might be the only stash left of this insanely drinkable vintage; a stash with impeccable provenance; it has never left the winery!

In 2004, an early Spring combined with a hot Fall and forced an early pick in the valley. Yields were low but the intensity of the fruit was astonishing. These bottles have had 14 years in the cellar to evolve into a near perfect drinking window. We managed to get this genuinely special library wine for only HK$585 per bottle. Our allocation is small, so we have to impose a per person 6-bottle limit. We will do our best to fill everyone’s request, but first in best dressed.

SOLD OUT (thank you!)

Heidi & Daughters’ 2016 AVIATRIX Grenache… a first release and it’s AMAZING! *LIMITED*

Aviatrix.jpgI got away with another one. We’ve just received a small allocation of Heidi Barrett’s 2016 AVIATRIX Grenache! With only 244 cases produced, this will be the only time these wines ever see this side of the Pacific!

Does Screaming Eagle ring a bell… one of the (new) world’s most sought after and expensive wines ever produced? This is that Heidi Barrett, the winemaker behind not only Screaming Eagle but also cults Dalla Valle, Jones Family and Grace, to name just a few.

Her latest project, AVIATRIX ~ the first-ever collaboration between Heidi and her daughters Chelsea and Remi ~ is dedicated to the intrepid women of aviation, who surpass society’s expectations and limitations to soar to new heights.

This is a very unique opportunity to fly with Heidi but Please act fast as this offering will likely sell-out by day’s end!

HK$420 per bottle (Buy Now)
-shipping included-
*maximum of 12 bottles per customer*

This is a lovely, medium body, ready to drink expression of Grenache! Aromas of all spice, plum, rainier cherry, and rose. Beautiful purity of aromatics and flavors. Across the palate it is soft, lush, juicy and quite tasty. Flavours are expressive for Grenache, cherry and plum but with layers and complexity; very rhone-like!  Only 244 cases produced!

The perfect red wine for a Hong Kong sundowner… Nicole Abiouness’ TEN ROWS *LIMITED*


I’m delighted to announce this week’s offering… the release of Nicole Abiouness’ 2106 Ten Rows Pinot Noir. This is one of my favorite, easy-going wines and great value too (HK$320 per bottle), especially considering how hard these are to get. Nicole allocates most of her wine to a few select sommeliers at a handful of Northern California’s best restaurants.

The 2016 Ten Rows is 100% Pinot Noir; beautiful, bright, and luminescent in the glass. The nose has hints of candied cherry, rhubarb, and strawberry incense. On the palate you find those same flavors dancing around with a lingering acidity to keep them from disappearing too quickly.

Simple, elegant, refreshing – Nicole’s Ten Rows Pinot will satisfy you now and for as long as you can resist them in your cellar. We sold out of the 2015 within hours of release and the 2016s are even better ~ so don’t miss your chance with this vintage. Only 300 cases produced!

HK$320 per bottle (Buy Now)
-shipping included-
*maximum of 12 bottles per customer*

Nicole Abiouness has been involved with wineries from all over the world, including Yalumba in Australia, Chateau La Tour Blanche in Sauternes, Domaine Comte Armand in Burgundy as well as both Chappellet and Luna in Napa Valley, California. In 2000, Nicole acquired ten rows of old vine Pinot Noir in Carneros for what what to become Abiouness Wines, a name that pays homage to her Lebanese father.

“Thank you for your wine, California” (The Stones, Villa Nellcôte ’72) *SOLD OUT*

Nellcote Package

Just one more offer before our October shipment sets sail next week.

I just scored a very small allocation of 2015 Nellcôte Cabernet! Trust me on this one ~ these wines are absolute beauties!

Nellcôte was founded by Tyler Olbres, who named his winery after the historic Villa Nellcôte in St. Jean-Cap Ferrat (where incidentally, the Rolling Stones recorded Exile on Main Street in the early 70s.)  I was speaking to Tyler over the weekend and he agreed to give me a few cases each of his amazing 2015 Napa Vally Cabernets: the voluptuous 500 Chevaux and also, his amazing, velvet-throttled Rallye 76.

Due to the limited nature of this allocation, this week’s selection is being packaged as follows, offered on a first come, first served basis. All orders must be received by Tuesday, 2nd October to catch this month’s sailing.

SOLD OUT (thank you!)


This will definitely compete for my Pinot offering of the year. It’s The Withers! *SOLD OUT*

2015-pinot-english-lgI’m delighted to announce this week’s offering; an allocation from The Withers Winery. The Withers, founded by Andrew Tow, focuses on high elevation, cool climate wines, sourcing from the Sonoma Coast for California classics, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, and the Sierra Foothills for their Rhône varietals.

These highly allocated wines are produced by the accomplished and acclaimed winemaker David Low, who previously served in various capacities at William Selyem Winery and was also co-founder as winemaker at the award winning Anthill Farms Winery. In just these short 3 years, The Withers Winery has garnered high praise from the world’s leading wine critics. But when talking to Tow, it’s clear that the success of his winery all came as a bit of a surprise.

“I was simply creating wines to share with friends. And, at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. People. The connections we make — whether while learning, making, or drinking.”

Andrew has agreed to offer us a small allocation of his wines, the only allocation outside of the USA. I even managed to convince him to include his seductive and juicy El Dorado Grenache (only 144 cases produced) along with a few cases of his English Hill Pinot as well. Andrew’s pinots are Burgundian in character, but rich in new world terroir. They are drinking beautifully now, but will evolve in beguiling ways with some time in the cellar. This will definitely compete for my Pinot offering of the year!   This is a highly allocated selection, so please act fast.

As always, these wines have pristine provenance, direct from the winery’s cellar, and will be shipped in October.  Cheers – FXL

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The happiness of that day ~ Constant Diamond Mountain Vineyards *SOLD OUT*

Constant-DMV-2018 2I met Fred and Mary Constant for the first time in 2013 while visiting their estate high above the Napa Valley. Fred ~ along with his dog, Skipper ~ picked us up in his vintage Jeep and gave us a tour of their property. Mary was waiting for us at the house, having just prepared lunch to be paired with their then newly released 2010 Diamond Mountain Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon.

I will always remember the happiness of that day – the blue Napa Valley skies, a perfect cheeseburger followed by home-grown apple pie and of course that incredible bottle of wine; savoured over nostalgic conversations of how this radio station owner found his way to Diamond Mountain. But most of all, I’ll always remember Fred and Mary, their kindness and zest for life. Sadly, less than a year later, we lost Freddy to a long and courageous battle against cancer. Freddy was one of the great ones and it was an honour to have known him ~ to say he’s missed is an understatement.

Shortly after that memorable day, I acquired as much of that 2010 DMV Cabernet as I could; opening a bottle or two every year since. 17 years later, it’s still drinking beautifully! Incredibly elegant, full of black and wild berry, currant and cassis – supple and full of grace ending with full flavour and finesse.

I have a very limited number of the Constant 2010 Napa Valley Cabernet here in Hong Kong, available for immediate and free delivery. So drink this today, close your eyes and experience the beauty of Mary, Freddy and Diamond Mountain Vineyards. The burgers are on you. (HKD 1,150.00 per bottle)

Cheers – FXL

SOLD OUT (thank you!)

Immediate gratification & guaranteed authenticity; Pappy Days are here! *SOLD OUT*

Rarely, if ever, does anyone come across this much Pappy Van Winkle!  Not to mention, Pappy with provenance – as in, direct from one of San Francisco’s top Michelin Star restaurants. (I can’t say which one, at least not here, but drop me a line and I’ll tell you how I got my hands on this beautiful bounty of bourbon).

No deals here.  This is about immediate gratification and guaranteed authenticity; an opportunity to get a hold some of the worlds most valuable whiskey.  As of today, we have  12, 15, 20 and even some of the 23 year old on-hand.

Cheers – FXL

SOLD OUT (thank you!)


Twelve cases of superstar Heidi Barrett’s 2015 La Sirena Grenache *SOLD OUT*

I love discovering small, top-end producers before the crowd has figured it out. But I REALLY love finding highly sought after allocations from winemaking superstars. One of my favourite finds of the year, by far, is Heidi Barrett’s 2015 La Sirena Grenache. (As you know, Heidi Barrett is one of Napa Valley’s most respected winemakers responsible for cult-wine legends like Screaming Eagle, Dalla Valle and Grace Family, to name just a few).

I just got back from meeting with Heidi’s team. I pleaded for an additional allocation of this incredible wine. They said no. So I begged some more. And some more. And maybe just to get rid of me, they finally relented.I am delighted to report there’s more on the way — but not much, just twelve cases.  The best part? I was able to get the same ridiculous pricing as previously; just HK$350 per bottle (+ shipping).  By the way, this is the last ever Grenache vintage from the trail side in St. Helena. Even Heidi couldn’t convince the vineyard owners to keep this incredibly unique Grenache vineyard over big $ Cabernet.

Due to the nature of this allocation, I’m offering the 2015 La Sirena Grenache on a first come, first serve basis (maximum of one case per person / 750ml x 12 bottles).  Orders placed today will arrive in mid-September via our consolidated shipment.

SOLD OUT (thank you!)

La Sirena WEB FOR BOTTLE IMAGE(2) copy