This is flat-out, show stopping red wine. It’s elegant and powerful, like a linebacker in a tutu! And, it’s IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND (but we did!)

At Field Report, we love discovering sensational producers with great stories. We love finding winemakers like Luke Wylde who drove Lyft to make enough money to buy a stainless steel tank (and yes, we are trying hard to get more of the Statera Chardonnay). But what we REALLY love is being in the right place, at the right time, and finding a parcel of outstanding, absolutely top of the range and IMPOSSIBLE TO GET wines… introducing the legendary 2014 Sokol Blosser Artist Series Pinot Noir.

Bill Blosser and Susan Sokol planted their original vineyard in Oregon’s Dundee Hills in 1971. They were among a handful of intrepid souls who followed David Lett’s mid-60s lead and planted Pinot Noir in Oregon. The rest is history and Sokol Blosser has played a big part in the writing of it. The property is now run by brother/sister duo, Alex and Alison Sokol Blosser.

You could argue that this is a special occasion wine, but it is so delicious you will nominate the Tuesday it arrives at your doorstep a reason to celebrate! – JDH

The beauty of the bottle is rivaled only by the power and finesse of the wine inside. This is flat-out, show stopping red wine. It’s elegant and powerful, like a linebacker in a tutu (a ruckman in toe shoes, a prop in pirouette… you get the idea). Supple cherry fruit and a lithe mineral core linger on the palate for what seems to be forever.

This is not the estate Pinot on the winery website. This wine is not available anywhere else. You can only get this from us. Do not miss a chance to see what the best barrels from the celebrated 2014 vintage are all about. We only have a small allocation and I promise it will go quickly. The provenance is direct from the winery where it has been cellared since bottling.

HK$885 per bottle (Buy Now)
-shipping always included-
*limit of 12 bottles per person*