Grown in a valley named for the god of wind ~ Vincent’s 2015 Silvershot Vineyard Pinot is positively gulpable!

This is exactly the sort of low-intervention, superb quality wine that FIELD REPORT is all about!

Vincent Wine Company’s 2015 Silvershot Vineyard Pinot Noir is not only awesome, but we couldn’t believe how good a deal we managed to get. At HK$350, this will be one of the best value offerings of the year (and yes, I’m aware that it’s still only January). But how Vincent Fritzsche can make wine this good and charge so little is an absolute marvel. This is not a “village-level’ wine. This is the top-end bottling from one of Vincent’s best vineyard.

The wine itself is elegant and intense without being over-powering. The Silvershot Vineyard is dry-farmed and own-rooted in the Eola region of the Willamette Valley. Eola is the god of wind, and the valley’s fierce winds keep bugs and mold away. The vines produce small berries with dense, concentrated flavors of cherry and dried spice (sage?).

I think it may be impossible to not finish this bottle in one sitting – so if you’re not prepared for that, just hide it in the pantry and don’t even tell yourself where it is! – JDH

Vincent’s winemaking style is old-school. He believes that wines are made in the vineyard not the winery, he is a proper vigneron. His winemaking is non-interventionist, native yeast ferment, nothing added. He even avoids new oak, preferring to buy his 100% French barrels with a couple or three vintages already behind them. This leaves the wines still structured and nuanced, but open and accessible. The fruit is restrained, but still fresh, crisp, lively. We tasted the wine and kept the bottle. Three hours later, the nose had opened up revealing layers of strawberry, cherry and hints of vanilla. And the wine stretched on the palate, bright and lingering. It’s positively gulpable (might be my favorite new wine descriptor – thanks JDH!)

HK$350 per bottle (Buy Now)
-shipping always included-
*limit of 12 bottles per person*