Our go to sparkling rosé for every cork popping occasion… this wine is FUN! *LIMITED*

Sapere AudeThis isn’t what you think. This is something new for us, the first sparkling rosé we’ve ever offered. But when you taste as much wine as we do, you get excited when you find something new, and different, and…

Sapere Aude (from the Latin “Dare to Know) is a sparkling rosé that defies categorization. Sure, it’s a mix of quality Napa Valley Pinot Noir (80%) and Chardonnay (20%). And yes, the viticulture is biodynamic, and the wine making non-interventionist and serious (the bottles spend 6 months on their lees!) But still, it isn’t what you think. It took us a while to figure out just why we loved Sapere Aude so much and then it hit us; simply put, this wine is incredibly FUN!

This will be your go to for any celebration that needs the sound of a cork popping; also perfect for weekend junks and boozy Hong Kong brunches. Any occasion really, because it’s just that good and that much fun to drink! And darn good value too.

Sapere Aude has a nervous tension that lures you in. And a faint, but structured, minerality that keeps you coming back for more – JDH

Only 500 cases produced, and our allocation is just a fraction of that. First in. Best dressed. Don’t wait. Limit 12 bottles per person until we run out.

HK$220 per bottle (Buy Now)
-shipping included-
*limit of 12 bottles per person*