Full Moon on Spring Mountain ~ 2004 Vineyard 7&8 Cabernet by Luc Morlet! *SOLD OUT*

(this is a very small (and lucky) allocation from one of my favourite winemakers. Right place, right time sort of deal. Luc Morlet’s wines generally need some time in the cellar, but this one has it – 14 years! And insanely well priced. I’ve never seen Vineyard 7&8 for less that US$95, regardless of vintage and definitely not for 2004).

Good morning from the beautiful Napa Valley!

I’m happy to report that our first day of tastings couldn’t have ended better ~ perched high atop Spring Mountain, celebrating an amazing harvest of with our friend Wes Stephens. Wes is the Estate Manager and Associate Winemaker at his family’s Vineyard 7&8 winery.

Wes decided to pair the evening’s full moon with an incredible bottle of his 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon ~ these wines were made by legendary winemaker Luc Morlet! (Morlet, known for his non-interventionist style, was also the original winemaker for Peter Michael). The wine was sleek and dense, a classic expression of Napa Cabernet. The evolution in the glass over the evening revealed a beguiling complexity. Each sip was better than the last.

The full moon might help explain how we talked Wes into letting us have a few cases of this very same wine for our friends in Hong Kong ~ not a small ask considering this might be the only stash left of this insanely drinkable vintage; a stash with impeccable provenance; it has never left the winery!

In 2004, an early Spring combined with a hot Fall and forced an early pick in the valley. Yields were low but the intensity of the fruit was astonishing. These bottles have had 14 years in the cellar to evolve into a near perfect drinking window. We managed to get this genuinely special library wine for only HK$585 per bottle. Our allocation is small, so we have to impose a per person 6-bottle limit. We will do our best to fill everyone’s request, but first in best dressed.

SOLD OUT (thank you!)